3CX Unified Communications as a Service

3CX offers a complete Unified Communications solution out of the box. As an open standards software PBX, installation and management of your phone system has never been easier.

3CX Features deliver collaboration through a browser

3CX includes a full suite of unified communications features without the need for additional downloads, add ons or purchases. Integrated, WebRTC-based video conferencing via an open-standards browser or through the iOS/Android clients allows for face-to-face meetings to take place wherever you are. Productivity boosting features such as Presence, corporate chat, whiteboard, screen-sharing and more allow for employees to collaborate better and work more efficiently.

One Extension, Endless Possibilities

Softphones for Windows and Mac and smartphone clients for iOS and Android work seamlessly in conjunction with the Web Client for unbeatable connectivity and mobility. Users can make and receive calls, view the presence of colleagues, schedule conferences, take part in web meetings, transfer calls and more all from the palm of their hand. Integration of PUSH technology means never missing a call again whilst saving on battery usage.

3CX Works With Office 365, Many CRMs, Google Contacts…..

Integration with your other applications is easy; connect 3CX with popular CRMs such as Salesforce, Google Contacts, Office 365 and more. Employees can save time and increase productivity with call pop-ups, journals and more by working seamlessly across apps. What’s more, the 3CX Click-to-Call Chrome extension allows users to dial numbers from any website or CRM system by simply clicking on the highlighted phone number.

3CX PRO includes Call / Contact Center Hotel PBX Features, CRM Integration and Advanced Call Flow Designer.

Cut Costs, Boost Profits

Save on your office phone bills and eliminate interoffice call charges by connecting remote branches and allowing remote workers to use their extension wherever they are. What’s more, travel costs are no longer an issue; employees can hold face to face web conferences at the click of a button rather than attend meetings on location.

With the integrated 3CX softphone and smartphone clients, users automatically get access to advanced unified communications features – without learning additional software – features that are normally charged extra for by other PBX vendors.

The best way to see how the system works is give us a call and have a Chrome Browser open. If you would like to read a bit before please download WiFi Unified Communications.

3CX 3CX Phone System - Software Based VoIP IP PBX / PABX

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