3CX SAVES CUSTOMERSIt has been over a year since Video West in Arizona, USA made the switch to 3CX as their PBX provider and the savings that they have are startling. Not only did 3CX provide all the features that they were looking for, but after all fees were added up the 3CX annual option came out lower than the monthly cost of our competitors. That has made Craig Reilly, IT Administrator for Video West very popular with Video West management.

As a provider of broadcast and professional quality audio-visual equipment for the US market, Video West needed a PBX solution that could be used by the team no matter where in the country they were. Their old system was fully paid off but was creating a nightmare for the management team to continually fight with upkeep. That is when Craig Reilly came into the picture. He was tasked with finding something that could handle the demanding requirements of the team and not cost the company an arm and a leg. He set out looking for the best alternative to their old system, but was shocked when the quotes started coming in.

Companies like Avaya®, 8*8® and RingCentral® were keen to get Video West’s business, but each came to the table with pricing structures that quickly added up with fees for every little add-on. Not to mention that each pushes its proprietary options which force customers into brand loyalty regardless if they want to stay with the provider. That’s when 3CX stepped in. Offering thousands in savings each month and bundling all features into a simple standardized product offering, 3CX was able to wow the Video West team. Simple implementation, easy to use interface and cost savings worthy of a Christmas bonus. Craig delivered the solution Video West was looking for.

Craig Reilly, IT Admin for Video West: “Comparing the other major options out there – we got a lot for our money without being nickel and dimed for every little feature. For most changes to the system I can easily manage them myself without calling a 3CX partner and scheduling an appointment. All of these systems would cost us $1,000+ per month. We are currently spending about $90 month + our maintenance fee.”

Since Video West first deployed 3CX for their business they have seen drastic cost savings and increased functionality of their team. Supplying equipment to conferences, events and trade shows across the US, Video West’s team is thankful for the mobility that 3CX brings to the new PBX while still offering the full feature set that they would have when in the office.

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